Save Energy, Save Money, Increase Security, Increase Comfort

Save on Lighting Costs

The integrated ambient light sensors can track the influence of sunlight at the windows. The intensity of the sunlight at each window can then be utilized to automatically control the overhead lighting to meet or exceed OSHA lighting level standards by turning unnecessary lighting off/on as required. As a result, the Smart Window Sensor data and the automation program controlling the lighting can combine for an energy savings of up to 40%.

Solar Gain & Thermal Loss Compensation

The Smart Window Sensors allow the impact of the largest source of temperature change in an office, the windows, to be quantified and therefore compensated for by an automation system controlled HVAC system. The effects of solar gain and thermal gain/loss can therefore be quantified and reduced.

Automation Software

Integrating the Smart Window Sensors’ data into an automation system can help balance the temperature and humidity distribution throughout an enclosed environment and increase occupant comfort.